About Us

Gard’nClean is the culmination of the combined efforts of two groups at the cutting edge of their respective fields. Selective Micro Technologies (SMT) and Growsmith. 

SMT is the inventor and patent holder for the world’s first point-of-use ultra-pure chlorine dioxide generation technology.  Their expertise in harnessing the power of this world changing molecule for use in healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical and food production is second to none.

Growsmith is one of the worlds premier agricultural consultants, specializing in infrastructural design, nutritional platforms and the proper implementation of IPEM (Integrated Pest and Environmental Management) strategies. Growsmith’s expertise in regulated agriculture showed them the need for a new tool to allow cultivators the ability to mitigate biological load at the facility level.

By combining the efforts of these two powerhouses, along with years of research and development across a staggering amount of facilities and environments, Gard’nClean was born. Gard’nClean is a product for cultivators by cultivators.

Gard’nClean is constantly evolving to bring you the latest technology, applications and SOP’s to continue harnessing this molecule in better and more efficient ways. We are striving to provide the most effective and cost efficient system to guarantee you are selling a consumer safe product.