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Gard’nClean Reviews

"... With the use of Gard'nClean and more stringent cleaning protocols we were able to lower our overall bio-load to meet the state's process validation requirements. The Gard'nClean reps. have been extremely attentive every step of the way."

- Parks M, Director of Cultivation, Seed and Smith Cannabis, Denver CO

"Your immediate response and dedication to remediate suspected contaminated areas was vital in allowing OPSO to quickly reoccupy these areas. The extra time you spent walking us through the process and explaining how you and your team could meet our immediate needs were certainly worthwhile. As a result of your efforts, OPSO was able to ensure select areas throughout our facilities and vehicles were thoroughly sanitized. We look forward to working with you in the future."

- Marlin N. Gusman, Sheriff, Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office , Orleans LA

"We use ClO2 religiously for our facility decontamination and microbial management in all of our operational spaces.  We have tried other manufacturers in the past, but GardN'Clean has the highest quality products on the market, and their customer service is top-notch.  If you want to have a clean garden and safe products, you need to use GardN'Clean as a key element of your IPM program"

- Tom Stevenson, Cheif Cultivation Officer, Bonsai Cultivation, Denver, Colorado

"I have been using ClO2 at our facility here in Denver and we have continued to see great results! We have been able to pass state testing for pathogens. ClO2 has done a great job at disinfecting our environment and helping us keep our cultivations tools clean. Our plants look the healthiest they’ve ever been, so we appreciate all the work the people are Gard N Clean are doing!"

- Richy Marin

"Shipping is fast, products works as described and the customer service is excellent with any questions you have. This company certainly did not create a product without knowing everything about it!!"

- Cole David

"Best product on the market!! Literally set it, and forget it🙌🙌"

- Warren Schultz

"Great company, great products, great customer service, if you know, you know"

- Zachary Smith

"Great company, products are working great! Passing all testing!"

- Cliff Goffar

"Helped us pick the product we needed, were very responsive and helpful with all our questions! Product worked as intended and was delivered swiftly!"

- Jessica Reedy