What is Gard’nClean you may be asking yourself?

Well, that’s why we started this blog! In this post, we will discuss all things Gard’nClean, as well as the benefits, show you how to use it and so much more!

In short, Gard’nClean is a Surface and Environmental disinfectant specializing in Cannabis gardens. Gard’nClean is “Made in America” and founded on April 24th, 2019 from the ashes of our previous ClO2 brand Grocure.

We are here because most people don’t even know how to wash their own arses, let alone keep a cannabis cultivation facility clean. Just joking. But seriously, we understand cultivating cannabis is difficult (especially for the regulated market), we’re here to help make it easier.

We are Gard’nClean. We offer products and protocols to properly clean a cannabis garden. Gard’nClean’s products consist of a liquid disinfectant and two gas products. They are the
Gard’nClean Liquid, Gard’nClean Fast Release, Gard’nClean Extended-Release.

Below is a brief description of Gard’nClean products. We will get into these further in detail in later blog posts.

  • Gard’nClean Liquid – 
    • 2D Surface Disinfectant. 
    • Safe to spray on all surfaces that can get wet. 
    • Spray and walk away, no wipe or rinse required.
    • Safe to use around people and plants.
    • Leaves zero residues. 
  • Gard’nClean Fast Release – 
    • 3D Fumigation
    • Fast-acting void-filling gas.
    • Room Reset (Empty spaces only, no plants no people)
    • Complete Deodorization
    • 4-12 Hour Re-Entry Interval
  • Gard’nClean Extended Release – 
    •  4D (3D Environment + Time) Low dose prevention.
    •  Safe for use around plants and people.
    •  Removes Odor, Improves Air Quality.o
    •  Humidity Activated.

To see how to use these products visit

Utilizing all three of these products in unison is the best way to combat pathogen pressures of all types. By treating the incoming water, all surfaces, equipment, and the environment that surrounds it, cultivators using Gard’nClean end up with a cleaner end product.

With Gard’nclean “CLEAN WEED” is the outcome.

This brings us to our next point:
Why we are blogging?
We are blogging because the topic “Clean Cannabis” is lacking information on the internet. A lot of subpar disinfection practices have come about and become industry standards. Gard’nClean offers a superior product, with the purest Chlorine dioxide on the market, backed by a highly skilled and experienced team of cultivators developing these products and protocols and helping you implement them.

This blog will have two goals.
1. To educate the grower.
2. Create Cleaner Cannabis.

We will do this by discussing the many basic uses of Gard’nClean’s products and then expand
further to discuss all the Advanced protocols. Believe me when I tell you there are a lot of uses for these products. Gard’nClean products cover all stages of the “Grow cycle” and beyond.

Gard’nClean’s slogan is Gardians of the Garden. Due to the fact that we can treat every piece of your operation. From the floor to the ceiling and everything in-between. Even the exterior by removing the unwanted smells bothering your neighbors.

Gard’nClean products harness the power of Chlorine dioxide.

What is chlorine dioxide?
Well, we knew you would ask. So we came prepared.

Chlorine Dioxide or ClO2 is a powerful disinfectant, sanitizer, tuberculocide, virucide, fungicide, and deodorizer. Gard’nClean’s Liquid is approved for use on crops, edibles, ornamentals, agricultural commodities, and water systems in greenhouses, indoor gardens, and all horticultural settings. Gard’nClean’s Gard’nClean liquid is EPA registered, FDA approved, NSF listed and Omri recognized along with tons and tons more registrations.

Now we can bore you with the science behind chlorine dioxide, and we will. (In the future) We cant wait to talk about all of its benefits and uses. This blog and all the future blog posts will be jammed packed with tons of in-depth information. All with the goal of cleaner environments resulting in cleaner consumer health-focused cannabis.

So in this first blog post, we gave you a brief rundown of our goals, products, and what we will be talking about here. Were looking forward to delivering on these promises and becoming a community of clean cannabis freaks.

So as you read along, we hope you learn something. We want you to implement what we teach, and we want every bud to be a clean one. So if you find value here we ask that you share this info with others that may benefit. Together we can get everyone thinking about better cleaning products. We can rethink the current cleaning processes and implement the best practices for 3-dimensionally cleaning any space.

To keep up to date please sign up for our newsletter here. Thanks for following along, we truly appreciate your support. Gard’nClean.